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Radio reaches more people every day than any other medium!

It reaches more than TV, more than newspaper, more than billboards!

Established in 1970

WWSE-FM is home of the 8-5 No-Repeat Workday every single day! We play the biggest hits from today and classics from yesterday our listeners know and love! Our upbeat mix is perfect for listening at work, at home and in the car. 


Established in 1924

WJTN-AM is one of the oldest radio stations in the United States, signing on for the first time in 1924. WJTN features popular local programs and Timeless Music from the 60's, 70's and 80's! 

POWER: 1,000 Watts FORMAT: News & Timeless Music COVERAGE MAP

Established in 1965

WHUG-FM is ther hometown country station playing today's best country music and all-time favorite country songs. It's songs and stories about life, love and everyday experiences! 

POWER: 6,000 Watts FORMAT: Country  COVERAGE MAP

Established in 1992

WQFX-FM plays classic rock from The Rolling Stones, Beatles, Doors, Zepplin, Seger, ELO, Black Sabbath, Guns N' Roses, Ozzy, Aerosmith and more! Home of Alice Cooper at night and extra long classic rock Fox Blocks all day long! 

POWER: 2,500 Watts FORMAT: Classic Rock  COVERAGE MAP

Established in 1948

WKSN-AM plays the biggest oldies selection from the late 60's-80's.  Come listen and flashback to all of the fun experienced at diners, drive-ins and dance parties during America's "Greatest Generation!" 

POWER: 1,000 Watts FORMAT: Oldies   COVERAGE MAP


Why Radio?

When you combine a solid marketing commitment with the strength of our news, weather, sports, community service focus, popular promotions, and many dedicated listeners – it’s a sure winner!

Radio Broadcasting Provides
Reach | Intimacy | Targeting | Synergy Immediacy | Frequency | Loyalty | Creativity Engaging | Cost Effective | Localism
Our goal is to come up with the most effective advertising and promotional campaigns for our clients, while maintaining the great image and product for our listeners.  Radio, if used wisely, can help an advertiser increase sales, establish brand identity, and drive traffic to the point of purchase.
Media One Group's programming includes the best local and syndicated programs and personalities in the AC/Top 40, News, Talk, Sports, Timeless Music, Lite Rock, Country, Oldies and Classic Rock formats. We provide the five most diverse stations in the marketplace, each targeted to a specific listening audience!